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29 May' 2023

The Big Ideas: Dollar Care Mission Health Insurance

Dollar Care presents a list of "Big Ideas for completeness and a final review." These workable ideas have been proposed in the past by a diverse group of politicians, including former U.S. House Speakers Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, and U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy. We revisit these concepts to focus on consumer and patient needs.

Risk Segmentation

You have a right to be grouped with others with similar health risks (good or bad). Only then will you be able to receive relevant and timely information, an appropriate level of coverage, and proper medical care at an affordable insurance premium.

Healthcare Consumerism

You are a health insurance consumer; therefore, efficient free markets always respond to consumer demands for products, services, and information. Therefore, we tried to formulate a system that focuses on the customer and patient needs.

Personalized Health Insurance

Personalized Health Insurance is a voluntary hassle-free idea that focuses on the importance of health insurance affordability and choice. It does not mandate any plan design. With Personalized Health Insurance, premiums 15-20% lower are possible.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance premiums are more affordable to begin with. However, employees can also qualify for additional discounts on their premiums. These discounts are known as health insurance subsidies or premium tax credits. They were created to help low-income people get affordable health coverage via the health insurance marketplaces.

Lower Cost Due To A Larger Risk Pool

Another advantage of group health insurance for employers is that it covers more people in the pool getting the insurance. When more people are included, more options are generally available at a lower price than otherwise. In a nutshell, it means a lot of valued advantages for the employees at a lower price for the premiums. The advantages are the following:

Affordable Individual health insurance should be guaranteed under our mission health insurance. We also focus on covering pre-existing conditions and helping the sickest among us with the most severely impaired health conditions.

Small-Group Health Insurance

The segmentation of small group members into Impaired Health Support plans on application, and first renewal is the next step towards mission health. It will lower small group health premiums by at least 15-20%.

Large Self-insured Groups

Large employers need "health care" reform more than "health insurance" reform. Large, self-insured groups would benefit from transparency of medical service costs, medical quality standards, and tort reform to minimize the excess costs of defensive medicine.

Health Review Authority

Creation of the Health Review Authority to segment risks properly and empower consumers initially rejected for health insurance or uninsurable.

Access to Care

We further strive to establish access to healthcare by first creating better access to affordable health insurance.

Quality of Care

It is vital to ensure Quality of Care, as it is only possible when access to care is provided through affordable health insurance.

Cost of Care

Cost of Care can be lowered by health status or risks with segmentation. In addition, there are "group" impacts and "personal" impacts to costs. Group and personal changes in behaviors can lower the use of medical services, lower the cost of care, reduce premiums, and offset out-of-pocket costs.

Financing Health Insurance

You can get your health insurance financed through at least three mechanisms:

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Savings (Taxable and nontaxable HSAs & HRAs)
  • Incentives & Rewards

Health insurance is crucial to ensure affordable and accessible medical facilities.

Individual Certificate of Guaranteed Coverage

The Individual Certificate of Guaranteed Coverage empowers everyone's health insurance even if they have pre-existing conditions or require financial assistance. In addition, segmenting uninsurable individuals to the premium subsidized Impaired Health Support plans can lower premiums for others by 15-20%.

Small-Group Certificate of Guaranteed Coverage

Using the Certificate of Guaranteed Coverage for small groups and the Impaired Health segmentation at application and first renewal can lower small group premiums by 15-20%.

Impaired Health Support Plans

Impaired Health Support plans will provide maximum help and support to those most in need. Every beneficial service, assistance, and plan design option will be available to those with chronic and persistent illnesses.

Eligibility for Impaired Health Support Plans

Providing eligibility to both uninsurable individuals and small group members will provide targeted support, choice of plan options, and affordable health insurance for the sickest among us.

Options for Impaired Health Support Plans

To provide the needy with the Impaired Health Support Plans with insurance plan options related to their unique needs.

Participating Insurers

Insurers who voluntarily participate with the Health Review Authority and accept Certificates of Guaranteed Coverage will have market share and pricing advantages for individual and small group policies.

The Cost of Being Voluntarily Uninsured

The loss of federal and state personal tax deductions helps finance the Impaired Health Support plans for those who choose to be uninsured but will eventually be uninsurable.

Funding the Health Review Authority & Impaired Health Support Plans

The Health Review Authority should operate as an autonomous entity deriving operating funds multiple membership and processing fees. The Impaired Health Support Plan claims will be supported by commissions, tax deduction losses, charity donations, coupled with state and federal subsidies.

Personalized Health Insurance is ready to go solution

Personalized Health Insurance provides an option for more affordable insurance, guarantees coverage for pre-existing conditions, and gives choices to the remaining 27 million uninsureds with new low-cost options. Personalized Health Insurance is a private free-market solution that empowers the consumer wanting both individual and small employer-sponsored group insurance.

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